J&A is a General Management, Crisis Management Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, Change Management, Business Re-engineering, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Total Quality Management (TQM), Corporate Governance.


J&A provides a diverse range of services to foreign firms interested in developing their presence in the Chilean, Colombian and LATAM marketplace, developing strategic alliances, training the workforce to the highest standards and capitalizing on globalization opportunities.

J&A´s market presence ranges from the Financial Industry to Travel and Entertainment industries. You can count on J&A's solid reputation and business ethics to serve you as a guiding light in our economy.

We take pride in providing our clients and partners an undivided commitment to excellence and the flexibility needed in today's world economy.


J&A was founded in the year 2000 with the belief that Chile was the gateway and business hub of the region. J&A's first initiative was to attract capital from Italian investors. Even though this process was slow, we were successful. Later in the development process, J&A decided to create several strategic business units (SBU) in order to diversify and maximize business opportunities. J&A's first SBU was local and international consulting. Later J&A entered the travel industry, financial advice, and event coordination.

Currently we are in the process of expanding our service offerings into the following areas: Human Resources, Translation Services, and Legal Services. We are also expanding into the Environmental Regulations Consulting arena. Lastly, J&A is preparing to open its first office abroad. The office will serve as the central contact for the Central America chamber of commerce.

J&A is one of the few companies in the regional market with such a mix of SBU's. This variety provides the "added value" that our clients need and look for in all of their undertakings.

Our Mission

To provide consulting services that combines the insight and experience of our staff in the Financial, Economic and Business Analysis arenas. Foreign firms interested in entering and penetrating deep into the market can count on J&A’s solid reputation in the Chilean marketplace.

Our Vision

To provide our clients and partners with undivided commitment to excellence, professional development and undivided attention to their needs during the discovery and development of new opportunities.


LEAD a life centered on the principles of empowerment, humility, excellence, and trustworthiness.


DEVELOP communication, diplomatic and practical skills to succeed in the new world economic order.


RESPECT strengths and talents of our clients and partners.


REVERE admirable characteristics in others, and attempt to instill similar characteristics in ourselves.


HUMILITY remember that what is important in life is financial security, family, diversity, and productivity.

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