Our Team

Headed by our director, Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto Lagos, J&A has a team of professionals that is composed of Engineers, Psychologists and Economists, graduates of the University of Santiago de Chile, University of Maryland, Gabriela Mistral University, University of the Americas and Free University. With Diplomates and Master of National and Foreign Universities.

We also have a group of professional associates who participate in specific projects and who fulfill the same levels of specialization.

Executive Team

Bernardo Javalquinto: Economista / Economic management area

Dean Department of Economics and International Finances

Hispanic-American College HAC NYC

B.S. Economics, University of Maryland, EEUU
PhD - SMC University

Daniel Knapp

MBA - UGM International

Commercial Engineer - Universidad Católica.

President of NetRed and Director of the e-business program - Universidad Gabriela Mistral

Felipe Ribbeck H.
Electrical Civil Engineer - Universidad de Chile
MBA Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez


Finn R. Samsing A.     
Commercial Engineer - Universidad de Chile
MBA Standford University


Jaime Rojas Platero
Civil Computer Engineer, Specialized in Biomedical Engineering, USACH
MBA, General manager of companies, IEDE Chile
MBA, International Business, Universitat de Lleida, España


John Guerra Sotomonte

Industrial Engineer - Universidad Libre, Colombia

José Manuel González

Civil Computer Engineer - U. Católica de Chile

Director NetRed

Loreto Marchant
Psychologist - Universidad de Valparaíso
MBA - Human Resources, Universidad de Valparaíso
Mario Pinto Verdugo
Accountant Auditor - Universidad de Santiago
IMBA Institute of Management Business Administration


Ophelia Fox

MBA – UGM International

BA. Antrhopologist - New York University

Corporate Manager, ISI Securities

Paulo Buchuk T.
Commercial Engineer - Universidad de las Américas
MBA - Tulane University
MBA - Universidad de Chile

PhD - Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez