Lessons of Honor

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This is the title of the film in Spanish, whose original title is “The Emperor`s Club” and although it is from 2002, it can be an input to rethink what is happening in our society.

The tape shows the teaching of meaningful and memorable teacher experience with his naughty and stubborn student; a teacher who teaches about the history of the Roman emperors and focuses on two aspects: that of the teacher as a servant of truth who teaches values ​​to students and their responsibility to learn from their lessons.

During the film you can see how the behavior of a student is tolerated and the practice of cheating. However, the teacher is looking for a way to give him the opportunity to change, even if it is impossible for him as a mentor.

This may be the saddest fate of man and that we see reflected in many societies. Perhaps it is a message for our leaders today and that it could change the future as we build on the lessons of a very powerful past.

It is the perfect film for businessmen, teachers, students, and parents and from which it is possible to start conversations that can influence others forever, beyond the reflection of the moment; a clear message for a world in search of moral and ethical responses.

Education as a whole can fail to teach others what they did not live at home, although there will always be passionate people who refuse to let it happen – willing to influence other lives – and students willing to learn the lesson.

By Bernardo Javalquinto



Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto, PhD CEO LASSAC AERO www.lassac.aero Board Adviser Former Candidate for presidency of Chile Prof. Business Ethics Member Bretton Woods Committee https://www.brettonwoods.org/ Global Council for the Promotion of Int’l Trade https://gcpit.org/speaker/bernardo-javalquinto/ Board Chairman Light Flight Airlines http://www.lightflight.cl/ Member Royal Economic Society https://www.res.org.uk/ Vice-President Corporación El Liberator http://corporacionyunus.cl/directorio/ B.Sc. Economics, MBA, PhD *Acknowledgments and Awards* 2023 Miembro Real Cuerpo De La Nobleza Del Principado De Asturias (1685) https://www.cuerpodelanoblezadeasturias.es/2023 Miembro Real Maestranza de Caballeria de la Habana, Spain (1709) https://www.rmch.es 2022 Chief Guest to the Global Sustainable Development Summit 2022 on 17th November 2022 2022 Senator and Ambassador-at-large https://www.unasdg.org/team 2021 Second time Nominated for the Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Award, Sweden 2020 Nominated for the Tällberg / Eliasson Global Leadership Award, Sweden. 2019 “Academic Professional Award” by the International Business Committee and Award for Academic Excellence (IBAE-2019) as Outstanding Opinion Leader. The American College of Dubai, U Arab Emirates. 2018 Chair Democratic Party, Chile, Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee 2015 International Prize Sciacca Vatican City, Economy prize. 2015 Medal of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Italian Parliament Honor. 2015 Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, Honor Italian Republic. 2014 Recognized as a World-Renowned Expert in Social Business by “World Renowned-Experts” WRE. 2011 “Latin American Leaders for Economic Development” Award from the Argentine Congress. 2008 “Latin American Leaders for Economic Development” Award from the Argentine Congress.

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