Somewhere, someone told me to stop, be quiet and listen, I really thought that he was making a joke or something like that, then he continued and told me can you hear something behind that wall?, what wall I said?. As there was so much noise, pollution, machines, bikes without muffler, loudspeakers, dogs barking, worried people speaking very loud to their mobiles; with the street noise you cannot hear anything, and all they think is in, just, how to pay for their bills, as soon as you pay, they immediately received next months will, I say it is financial and commercial harassment and the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office is accepting all this, that is and economic abuse, and they don’t do anything about it. Second generation of human rights. I wish to know what else they are frankly concerned; sure soccer or soap operas or news that only shows disease and horrifying disasters news on the national television network. Finally, I could not hear what the noise was on the other side of the supposed wall. Then he said, «look whatever you do, do not worry because you are doing well,» in the other side of the wall, there are hundreds of people who are banging their head against it because they do not see it. You do not see the wall because there is no wall. So continue with your plans and forget about them.I refer to this little event, because, some time ago, I wrote an article saying that we were putting all your eggs in one basket, “copper”, and we are completely forgotten, about all the other productive sectors of the country. I think it was after the episode of the 33 miners buried alive in Chile. “A successful failure”. Well, as a matter of fact, there is something, that the whole world should watch happening in the US today, In one hand, President Trump, is closing the US Economy from being one of the largest and most open economies in the world to a close economy, what a mistake repeating the error of 1929 that created the Great Depression. In the other, President Obama in one of the State of the Union speeches emphasized investing in Research, Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and President Trump is reducing the budget in all of them. I refuse not believe that there was someone else in our country who heard the speech of the President of the United States that gives the route of the world and where are we going, In Chile it looks like only the international community and international organization personnel do watch the speech. Here there is a similar speech given each May 21st of every year to account for what has been done in the country, of course, there is little difference between the speech in the US and the one in Chile. That speech was based on Graphene, nanotechnology and to say the least it emphasized that science was the future, plain and simple. In fact, the Huffington Post reports that graphene will «change the world.» It is 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a sheet of paper, and has more power conductor than copper. And that’s not all, researchers around the world are using it to view the critical advances in a variety of industries. Graphene also: increase solar energy by 50% to 100% more efficient, semiconductors 50% to 100% faster, and air crafts 70 % lighter. We’re talking about batteries that are recharged 10 times faster and last 10 times more than normal batteries. Phones, and computer screens that can be folded, and even the potential to make people and things completely invisible. And just adding Christos Tokamanis, former Chief of Nanotechnology Research in the European Union stated «As the 20th century witnessed the revolutions of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity that gave rise to an exponential development of technology, forever changing man’s conception of the world, Nanotechnology −the art of single atom manipulation and control will transport man into a new reality all together within the next two to three decades». During the speech “president Obama” said that it was going to be so vital to our future that he has declared to be one of the «critical mineral supplies in the world» a “strategic mineral” in the United States and the European Union.” However, only a few companies worldwide have access to mineral resources, «China» is one of them. And in Chile, what are we doing? We are facing a wall, hitting our heads, ignoring to look at what rapid speed globalization happens and we do nothing. What are we waiting? We are listening to the noise of people hitting their head against a wall that does not exist. Forget it, it’s better to learn a little more from external sources and be updated with what is happening around the world, we should continue investing in value added. There is not a storm, that last 100 years.